Map of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki the second largest city of Greece after Athens, located in Macedonia in northern Greece. Thessaloniki is the capital of the region of Central Macedonia, boasting a strategic location that has shaped its rich heritage and diverse landscapes.

Thessaloniki stands as a bridge between East and West, both geographically and culturally. Its location on the northwest corner of the Aegean Sea positions it as a pivotal trading hub, historically connecting Europe and Asia. This geographical significance has imprinted a mosaic of influences on the city’s identity, blending cultures from Byzantine, Ottoman, and modern European periods.

The city is embraced by the Thermaic Gulf, which not only lends a distinct charm to Thessaloniki but also plays a role in its maritime history and activities. The gulf’s gentle waves provide a picturesque backdrop to the city’s urban landscape, fostering a captivating ambiance for both locals and visitors.

Thessaloniki is a bustling urban center adorned with historical landmarks, vibrant neighborhoods, and a lively waterfront. The White Tower, an iconic symbol of the city, stands proudly by the sea, offering panoramic views and narrating tales of the city’s past.

Surrounding the city, Mount Hortiatis create a natural embrace, enriching the region with verdant landscapes and opportunities for outdoor activities. These mountains, with their forests and trails, serve as an escape for nature enthusiasts and hikers seeking panoramic vistas of Thessaloniki and its surroundings.


Thessaloniki map