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In our site we will try to give you as much information we can about the wonderful country of Greece. In than 1500 pages you will find articles about places to visit in Greece the Greek islands like Amorgos Folegandros, Santorini, Mykonos, Skiathos, Alonissos, Zakynthos and the Greek mainland like Meteora and Thessaloniki, check our map of Greece of almost every prefecture and island of Greece. 500 pages dedicated to the Greek History and Greek mythology including almost all the main personalities of the Greek antiquity like Plato, Socrates, Alexander the Great , mythological heroes like Odysseus and Hercules. In our blog living in Greece we keep on updating with articles about the life in Greece, education, day trips, holiday destinations, pictures, winter resorts, Greek family life, information about moving to Greece, real estate and job announcements.

In our Greek food section you will find recipes from the Greek cuisine and in our real estate section you will find advise about buying properties in Greece as well as announcements of Greek property sales. Many pages about the Greek Orthodox religion and the Saints of the Greek Orthodox church. Articles about the Greek music and culture, the Greek television and the Greek films. In our site among others are articles about the Greek names the Greek language and Alphabet, the Greek flag, Greek phrases, facts about Greece and a job forum for those who want to work in Greece. A great part is dedicated to Athens the capital of Greece

Many articles cover the trees plants and animals of Greece, the Greek Geography, lakes, mountains and rivers of Greece. Our site is written in English, Swedish and Italian and we have started to create our site written in the Greek language.

Our ambition with this site is to gather as much information as possible about Greece. People all over the world visit this beautiful country because of its history, culture, scenery, weather, beaches and way of life. Greece has it all! Thanks to you we are able to keep in2greece as updated as we can, but we also realise that this website is a never ending project.


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