Map of Symi

Where is Symi? The island is one of the more southern islands in the Dodecanese group that lie off the west coast of Turkey. Symi is a small island just north of Rhodes and it’s one of the most popular day trip travel destinations thanks to a picturesque port and the impressive Parnormitis Monastery its southern coast.

Once famed for its wooden shipbuilding and for its sponges, Symi now relies almost entirely on tourism. Trees have disappeared from much of the island and sponges have vanished from its waters.

Symi is a small island with a population concentrated in the port resort of Gialos where dozens of ferries tie up daily. Paved roads lead to a few beaches and the rest of the island is laced with rough track and mule paths.

Taxi boats provide services to the more remote beaches, otherwise they can only reached by a trek over the hills.

There’s not a great deal of holiday accommodation on this small island and what there is, is concentrated around the main island port.