Is your name Greek ?

Apart from the most obvious Greek names like Helen or Alexander, there are also many names that have journeyed through other languages and come out as quite different from their Greek root.  Perhaps you have a Greek name and didn’t even know it, or maybe you’ll find inspiration here for what to name your baby. Most Greeks (as a Christian nation), are using  names from the Bible and the New Testament, especially the names Maria, Christos, Anna, Barbara, Elisabeth, Manolis (Emmanuel) Elias, Georgios, Kostas (Constantine) Markos (Marc), Gabriel, Michael (Michalis)  Giannis (John) Lukas (Lucas).

Many women and men in Greece have also Ancient Greek names. Among the most common ancient Greek names are thos:  Sokratis (Socrates), Hiraklis (Hercules), Achilleas (Achilles), Leonidas, Odysseas (Odysseus) Athena, Aspasia, Kleopatra, Aphrodete (Aphrodite) Demetra (Demeter) and Dimitrios, Penelope, Artemis, Omiros (Homer) etc.

Here, we have also put the names with Greek letters, as well as their Greek pronunciation. The list below is a few Greek names and their meanings.

AlexanderΑλεξανδροςalExandrosThe man who protects
AnastasiaΑναστασιαanastasIa Resurrection
Andreas (Andrew) Andriana (F) Ανδρέας ΑντριάναandrEasMan (Both M F)
Athanasios (M) Athanasia (F)ΑθανάσιοςathanAsiosImmortal M Immortality F
Aleka F Alekos M (Alec)Αλέκα / Αλέκος alEka – alEkosBoth as Alexandros Alexandra
Christopher ΧρηστόφοροςchristOphorosBearer of Christ
George (Giorgos, Georgios) ΓιώργοςyiOrgosWorker of the Earth
HelenΕλένηelEneDerives from Helios >Hellenes = Greeks
NiκosNikitas (M)- Nike (F)Νκος ΝίκηnEkos nEkeVictory
PhilipΦίλιπποςphIlipposFriend of Horse (from Philos and Ippos)
GregoryΓρηγόρηςGrigOrisThe fast one
CalliopeΚαλιώπηkaliOpifrom the name of the Muse Calliope
PolaΠόλαpOlafrom the name of the Muse Polymnia
Melpo (Melpomene)ΜέλποmElpofrom the name of the Muse Melpomene
UraniaΟυρανίαouranIafrom the name of the Muse Urania
ThaliaΘάλειαthalIafrom the name of the Muse Thalia
CleopatraΚλεοπάτραkleopAtrathe Greek queen of Ancient Egypt
StephenΣτέφανοςstEfanosgarland, wreath
Vasilios (Basil)ΒασίλειοςvasIliosKing