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Monk Seal (Monachus monachus)
Size: 3,8m
Description: brown or brown-grey, white belly with spots
Environment: Near water on beaches and rocky beaches, caves
Interesting fact: Endangered species protected in Ionian Sean and North Sporades, offspring born black, can swim when four days old, can dive to 30m depth and keeps its breath for five minutes, eats fish, octopus, eels.

On land...

Mammals of Greece
Mouse (Suncus etruscus)
Size: 4,5cm
Description: brown-grey, big eyes, long whiskers
Environment: Dry places, bushes
Interesting fact: Smallest mammal in the world,
Wild Boar (Sus scrofa)
Size: 1,8m
Description: hairy, grey-brown, offspring is reddish
Environment: Forests, loves muddy places
Interesting fact: Can be aggressive
Bat (Rhinolphus ferrumeguinum)
Size: 9cm
Description: brown, with horse shoe shaped nose
Environment: Caves and protected places
Interesting fact: Piercing sound, can remain in the same place in the air when drinking e.g.., flies low (c.a.,5-1m)
active March-October, can live up to 23 years.
Brown Hare (Lepus europaeus)
Size: 65cm
Description: brown with dark stripe along back, weighs up to 7kg
Environment: Grass fields and cultivated areas, small forests
Interesting fact: Gnaws off tree trunks, eats its own excrement, can swim, runs up to 65km/h, mates in the spring, can live up to 13 years.
Rat (Rattos rattus)
Size: 23,5cm
Description: brown with long tail
Environment: Houses, ships, trees
Interesting fact: Eats vegetables mostly, but sometimes also meat, squealing sound, mates all year round, 7 years
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Wild Cat (Felis silvestris)
Size: 5-10kg
Description: striped, bigger than house cats with thicker tail
Environment: Forests, near lakes and rivers
Interesting fact: Can live on mountains up to 2000m high, active at dusk and night. Can swim but rather not.