Greek fishes

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Fly Fish (Cheilopogon heterurus)
Size: 40cm
Description: huge fins, blue/gray, looks a bit like a swallow when it flies
Environment: Near surface, open sea
Interesting fact: Can fly up to 40 meters.
Tuna (Thunnus thynnus)
Size: 2m
Description: blue/black on the back, blue sides, pale underneath
Environment: Open sea
Interesting fact: Often confused with dolphins from a distance since it jumps and has a similar size.
Sardine (Sardinia pilchardus)
Size: 26cm
Description: Silvercoloured with light green back
Environment: Near surface, open sea
Interesting fact: Tasty!
Sword Fish (Xiphias gladius)
Size: 4m
Description: upper jaw is shaped like a spear or sword that can be 1/3 its total size, bluish back
Environment: Open sea
Interesting fact: Can do serious damage with its sword, immediately cut off by fishermen
Red Mullet (Mullus barbatus)
Size: 30cm
Description: characteristic vertical forehead and "beard", red colour
Environment: Shallow waters, around rocks and stones
Interesting fact: Almost extinguished by the Romans since they were crazy about this fish. When it became too expensive the common man couldn't afford it anymore, and so the Romans lost interest in it and it repopulated.
(Lophilus piscatorius)
Size: 1,5m
Description: Spikey big head, huge mouth
Environment: Shallow waters
Interesting fact: Delicious.
Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa)
Size: 55cm
Description: Flat, round shape, always tilted to the left
Environment: On sand in shallow waters
Interesting fact: Through it's life the left eye moves up to the top of the head. Can change colour.
(Muraena helena)
Size: 1,3m
Description: brown with yellow spots, no fins, long jaws
Environment: Among rocks and hollows in fairly open sea
Interesting fact: Can bite!

Hippocampus (Hippocampus guttulatus)
Size: 15cm
Description: pale, thinner than the above, longer nose

Among seaweed
Interesting fact:
The males carry the eggs.

Hippocampus (Hippocampus ramulosus)
Size: 15cm
Description: sand brown, horselike
Environment: Among seaweed
Interesting fact: The males carry the eggs.
Sting Ray (Dasyatis pasinaca)
Size: 2,3m
Description: long tail with two stings
Environment: On sandy and muddy seafloor, often hides in the sand
Interesting fact: Generally quite friendly, but if threatened it can hit you with it's tail, and a sting will be left in your skin, which can cause serious infection.
Sea Eel (Conger conger)
Size: 2,5m
Description: brown with yellow underside, small, sharp teeth
Environment: Among rocks in shallow waters.
Interesting fact: Can get aggressive if irritated!
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