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Starting out as a fun past time, this web site has turned into a real challenge over the last year. I originally wanted to write a book about Greece, since people on my tours often ask where they can read more about what I've been telling them. I started playing around with web designing, and have now become quite passionate about the whole thing. So in2greece has become my love child, a hobby turned into actual work.

I live in Greece since 1994, and during these years I have spent most of my time working with tourism, with the exception of two years of teaching English. I'm Swedish and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ancient Culture and Society.

The whole idea with in2greece is to provide people with as much information about Greece as possible, and being a foreigner living in this country has given me a unique insight into this great, but often distressing place.

There is still much to do until this site will be even nearly finished, and I suspect most of you will have many opinions on it. I welcome them all: negative, positive or just general. I hope you will contact me and let me know!

Victoria Sandels



George as second webmaster of in2greece, has contribute to the website with much information about the Greek islands, Athens, Greece, Greek Geography, politics and modern Greek culture, Greek food, real estate and also a huge collection of his high resolution pictures from many parts of Greece. Apart from that he is the writer of our blog Living in Greece. George was born in Greece and now he lives in the UK spending though more than 4 months in Greece during the summer. George has travel and lived in many European countries as well as in the US, Central & South America and South Africa.

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