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The Greek Alphabet

About the Alphabet of Greece

The word "Alphabet" comes from the two first letters: alfa and beta. Because many of the Greek letters are different from the Latin ones, this becomes something of a deterrent for those trying to learn the language, and just the expression "It's all Greek to me" tells a lot about the attitude many people have towards Greek.

And yes, it IS a difficult language but it's not THAT difficult that you can't learn it. You can learn to make conversation with a little effort, and if you are able to read the letters, you'll find that a lot of the Greek words are actually words we use in our own languages.

Α α
Β β
Γ γ
Δ δ
Ε ε
Ζ ζ
Η η
Θ θ
.Ι ι
Κ κ
Λ λ
Μ μ
Ν ν
Ξ ξ
Ο ο
Π π
Ρ ρ
Σ σ,ς
Τ τ
Υ υ
Φ φ
Χ χ
Ψ ψ
Ω ω
= 'Αλφα/Alfa
= Βήτα/Vita
= Γάμα/Gamma
= Δέλτα/Delta
= 'Εψιλον/Epsilon
= Ζήτα/Zita
= 'Ητα/Ita
= Θήτα/Thita
= Γιώτα/Yiota
= Κάπα/Kappa
= Λάμδα/Lamda
= Μι/Mi
= Νι/Ni
= Ξι/Xi (Ksi)
= 'Ομικρον/Omikron
= Πι/Pi
= Ρω/Ro
= Σίγμα/Sigma
= Τάυ/Taff
= 'Υψιλον/Ipsilon
= Φι/Fi
= Χι/XI
= Ψι/Psi
= Ωμέγα/Omega
"a" as in "ha, ha"
very different - something like y in "yellow"
"th" as in "the"
"e" as in "hen"
"z" like the bumble bee
"ee" as in "eat"
"th" as in "think"
"EE" as in "eat"
"o" like in "owner"
"EE" as in "eat"
"ch" as in an angry cat
"o" as in "owner"

The next step is for you to try to read a few Greek words. Click on "Greek Common words" to continue.