Sailing holidays in the Greek islands

Sailing in Greece on a sailboat or motorboat between the Greek islands offers magnificent landscapes and great emotions.

During the day, you can swim in the quietest and most isolated coves. In the evening we disembark in the coastal villages, for a bit of worldly life under the stars.

There are many types of holidays, to be chosen according to personal tastes and needs

Sailing for everyone with a skipper

sailing-in-greece You don’t need to be a sailor to go sailing: just rent a boat guided by a skipper with your family or a small group of friends. And there are also formulas that allow you to embark individually, occupying a cabin and sharing the journey.

An ideal destination for sailing boat beginners are the IOnie, where the sea is on average calm and has amazing colors: in a week, from Corfu, after having sailed along the coasts of the island, you can focus on the small Paxi, with its characteristic villages and then go to lefkada.

A little more impenative are cruises in the Aegean, where the melleme blows strongly in the summer months. An itinerary without many miles of navigation on the open sea starts from the island of Paros, in the center of the Cyclades and touches Sifnos, Antiparos, the Small Cyclades and Amorgos.

Sailing Holidays on a Vintage wooden Gulet

Dive offshore, relax in the sun. These are the motions that can be experienced aboard a classic wooden gulet: they are medium-sized boats (up to twenty cabins) with comfortable spaces and service personnel who take care of navigation, cleaning and cooking.

The rhythms are relaxed and the atmosphere has a vintage touch, from the Mediterranean of yesteryear. A classic itinerary winds its way through the islands of the Dodecanese, navigating the area between Kos and Patmos, with stops also in Leros, Lipsi and Kalymnos.


Sailing and bike

For those who love pedaling there are cruises on small ships or sailing ships, which include many stops on land for walks, bikes and other open-air activities.
An original and pleasant itinerary starts from the marina of Zea (Pasalimani), in Piraeus and winds through the islands of the Saronic Gulf (Poros, Spetses, Aegina, Hydra and the north-western coast of the Peloponnese) where bike excursions alternate with swimming in the sea.

You can visit Natplio, which with its beautiful old town in neoclassical style the ancient fortifications, and then go by bike in the hinterland, up to the ruins of ancient Mycenae. The last two stops are the Methana Peninsula, rich in active volcanoes and sulphurous thermal springs. The island of Aegina, with a bike tour to the Temple of Ataia, then to the great modern Monastery of Agios Nektarios and the city of Aegina.

The turquoise sea, the constant wind and the most beautiful places of the cradle of navigation, that is the splendid Greece, are finally accessible again. Greece is quickly returning to normal after the harsh months of the pandemic and the first crews are now starting to set sail.

Greece, a unique destination for sailors

Greece is an absolutely unique destination for sailors and the minor inconveniences due to the recent pandemic are definitely worth addressing when entering this country by boat.

Expect beautiful islands of various shapes and sizes, crystal blue sea, breathtaking beaches, ancient monuments and first-class gastronomic delights.

The Meltemi that blows from June to September makes navigation in the Aegean Sea a bit challenging but absolutely fun and safe for those with a minimum of experience. Here are three destinations where you can experience a nice relaxing and undemanding cruise.

Sailing in the Southern Ionian Sea

The island zone between the fairytale islands of Lefkada and Zakynthos is the best choice for novice sailors and families with children. The sailing conditions here are reminiscent of those of Croatia. The sea is sheltered, the distance between the islands is short and there are numerous bays and ports. Compared to Croatia, the sea is warmer and you can enjoy a great diversity of green hilly islands flanked by high and rugged mountains as well as sparkling turquoise water and white sand beaches.

Sailing in the Northern Ionian Sea

The Ionian islands are characterized by the most beautiful emerald green waters. They owe their color to the bright white limestone found in the seabed. The sea between Corfu and the mainland is calm and if there are strong winds it still offers a good refuge without big waves and rough seas.

Sailing in the The Saronic Gulf

The Saronic Gulf is located near Athens. In addition to some historic gems, you will discover long stretches of sandy beaches lined with fragrant pine forests. The sun shines on crystal blue waters, magical fishing villages and inviting bays await you.

You can also visit some world famous monuments, such as the Epidavros amphitheater or the temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina.
Nautical services and excellent gastronomy

Docks and moorings in Greece

The docks and moorings in Greece, are highly accessible, where you usually only pay for electricity and water (if available). From a gastronomic point of view, the Greeks have a weakness for fresh ingredients. Be sure to dine in local taverns and stock up on provisions