Map of the Acropolis

A map of the Acropolis will be interesting for those that are visiting Athens for the first time. The first map is from the map of Athens that you can find also at the official page of Greek tourism GNTO. In this map you can see the buildings on the Acropolis and around of the rock. The second is a map that I created using the Google maps future including pictures of the most important monuments of the Acropolis.

There are several ways to go on the Acropolis, you can take the Athens Metro to Acroplois station or you can walk from Syntagma square towards Vasilissis Amalias avenue and turn right to Dionysiou Areopagitou street where is located the new Acroplois Museum, from that street you will pass the Dionysus theatre and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus the entrance is next to the Odeon just turn right and follow the road that will lead you to the steps of Acropolis.

The second way is to go to with the metro Monastiraki or to walk there, from Monastiraki follow the steps of Dioskouron street that are finishing at Theorias street from there turn right and walk about 100 meters until Areios Pagos to the left are the steps to the Propylaea. If you are in Plaka you can go up the steps of Mnisikleous street that lead to the begging of Theorias street or turn right in Tholou street where you can see the first university of Athens and continue to Panos street and go up the steps to the left.

Acropolis Map