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Winter Holidays in Central Greece

Winter holidays and ski resorts in Central Greece

winter holidays

Central Greece or Sterea Ellada or Roumeli in Greek is located north of the Peloponnese and south of Thessaly and Epirus, Central Greece has borders with the Aegean Sea to the east, the Ionian Sea to the west and the Corinthian Gulf to the south. The climate is temperate along the coasts, and dry in the inland . Central Greece has some of the highest mountains of Greece like the Parnassus and Velouchi where there are two ski resorts, the mount Giona, the Vardousia mountains and the mount Oiti. In Central Greece (Sterea Ellas) are some of the big lakes of Greece such as the Trichonida lake and the lake Yliki. Large rivers such as Aheloos and Spercheios or Alamana and the river Mornos. The wonderful nature of Central Greece with its mountains, lakes, rivers with stone bridges and villages with stone houses on the green slopes of its high mountains and the pine forests makes the Roumeli one of the most beautiful corners of Greece ideal for holidays throughout the year and mostly during the winter.

One of the most popular destinations in Greece for winter vacations is the Roymeli region and especially the areas with ski resorts like the one in mount Parnassus in Viotia-Fthiotida prefectures and the ski resort of Velouchi (the Tymfristos mount) in Evritania prefecture.

Parnassos mount: The Ski centres are located in Gerondovrahos of the Voiotia prefecture, and in Kellaria and Fterolakka of Fokida prefecture combining one of the most modern ski centres in Greece. Gerondovrahos has 4 downhill runs and 3 ski lifts.Kellaria and Fterolakka with 16 runs for beginners, children and skilled skiers, with 13 ski and aerial lifts and 2 modern chalets in Fterolakka and Kellaria. In the Parnassus ski resorts you will find Ski learning school, ski rentals, boots, safety helmets, and ski boards, there are also children runs for small skiers. The downhill runs of Parnassus bring names like Zeus, Hercules, Venus, Ulysses, etc. Daily pass cost 13,5 € (students, athletes,) 22 € for students, soldiers, elderly people over 65 and groups over 25 persons and 30 € cost a normal pass. For those who love skiing, combined with staying at the wonderful village of Arachova on the slopes of Parnassus, the city of Itea and Galaxidi at the Corinthian gulf or at Delphi Parnassus ski resort is a good idea for winter vacations and weekend excursions. Information Kellaria ski centre phone: 2234022693-5 Fterolakka ski centre phone: 22340-22373 website

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Velouchi ski resort in Karpenissi. The ski centre of Velouchi is located in Diavolotopos and is the second ski resort of Central Greece after Parnassus. Situated at 1840 meters high and is 12 km away from Karpenissi in Evrytania. the ski centre has 10 downhill runs and a children's one, its runs are divided into easy ones, difficult and very difficult ones. The ski centre has 7 ski lifts , shops where you can buy or rent ski equipment. In the skiing centre of Velouchi you will also find a large chalet with cafeteria and restaurant. Information:+30 2237023506 - 21112 website (in Greek)

Finally let us not forget that Roumeli is famous for the traditional barbecue restaurants (Psistaries in Greek) and famous among the Greeks for weekend excursions in Livadia, Mantra or Pahi for a visit in the grill taverns for lamb in spit, kokoretsi and lamb chops. Those weekend breaks to Roumeli, especially in the winter, are within the program of most of the Athenians due to the vicinity of most places of Roumeli (Central Greece) with Athens.


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