History the Christian Church Saint Irene

st-ireneSaint Irene is a saint of the Christian Church, whose memory is commemorated on May 5. This day is celebrated by those named Irini.

Irene, whose popular name was Penelope, was born in the city of Madedlon in Persia and her parents were the prefect Licinius and the noble Licinius.

At a very young age she began her education with one of the wisest teachers of her time, Apellianos, who taught Penelope wisdom (ancient Greek), while the Christian faith was taught to her by a Christian servant of her father.

When the catechism ended, she was baptized a Christian and received the name Irene.

As soon as Licinius learned that his daughter had become a Christian, he ordered that she be tied to the legs of a wild horse to be killed. But miraculously, the horse turned against him and killed him. The attendees were very confused, but the saint reassured them and after praying fervently, her father was resurrected. Immediately all Christians were baptized.

Irene then travelled to several places, where she taught the word of God and performed many miracles. He eventually retired to a secluded place outside Ephesus, where he lived with prayer and practice.
According to western Martyrology, Agia Irini martyred in Thessaloniki, after being thrown into the fire.