Animals and Plants of Greece

Greek Flora and Fauna

Greece has a wide variety of animals and plants, both in the sea and on land. On the following pages you will be able to read about a selection of the country’s flora and fauna.

The animal world of Greece has a Mediterranean character, with the most numerous coastal and marine animals. 50 species of mammals, 362 birds, 300 species of fish and many other marine species and reptiles have been counted. A total of 1,500 species of animals have been recorded.
The expansion of human activity has greatly limited wildlife: wildlife, such as wolves, bears, wild boars, deer, ibex and jackals, are rare today. Sheep, horses, cattle, goats and various other pets are common during the day.

Birds are mainly migratory (swallows, mallards, herons, storks, quails, turtles, etc.). However, there are also endemic predators (vulture, eagle, hawk, owl) and ants. Species of reptiles are especially abundant.


Typically a Mediterranean country, Greece is rich in evergreen and hardwood trees and shrubs and aromatic plants. The total plant world amounts to 4,045 species, of which the olive, the poplar, the plane tree, the cypress, the fig, the laurel, the pine, the fir, the oak, the chestnut, the citrus, the vine dominate. , locust bean etc.

Numerous species of flowers, most of which are ornamental, floricultural and fruit-bearing, have been imported from other countries, such as persimmon (N Asia), arokaria (Norfolk Islands), jasmine (Malaysia), hydrangea (China), hyacinth (Central America), basil, marjoram etc.

Finally, more than 1,200 endemic species grow in the country, most of them in Crete, the Cyclades and Mount Athos.

In the sea…
Mollusks, Starfish, Urchins & Jellyfish
Dolphins, Sharks & Whales

On land…
Reptiles & Amphibians
Insects, Scorpions & Spiders
Flowers & Bushes

In the air…