(c.550-489 BC)

Athenian general and tyrant of Chersonesus Thracia (today's Gallipoli in Turkey). He was an ally of king Darius I of Persia in a war against the Scythians, but later fought on the Athenian side against the Persians. His army of 10000 Athenians and 100 men from Platai won the battle of Marathon against the Eastern enemy in 490 BC.
In an expedition against the island Paros which had been conquered by the Persians, Miltiades failed and also broke a leg, and was charged with treason by the Athenian court. He was sentenced to death, but the sentence was converted to a fine that was so astronomical that Miltiades could not pay, and so was sent to prison where he died.

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Miltiades' helmet
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