(5th century BC)

Like Myron, Polycleitos was a disciple of the bronzewelder Hageladas. He was from Sicyon and worked from about 450 BC.
Polycleitos made a statue of the godess Hera of gold and ebony for the city Argos, and was often copied by the romans. He formed the rules for the human anatomy in Art, and wrote a book of rules and technique for sculpturers, Kanon, the Rule, which also defines male beauty on the basis of mathematical determinations.
One of his masterworks was Doryforos, the Spearcarrier. The statue is not only a masterwork of proportion, but also shows the perfect balance in the position of the athlete, where the bodyweight is supported by one leg, the so called cross-post. He also made Diadoumenos - he who binds a victory starp around his head.
In ancient years Polycleitos work was characterized by the phrase statura quadrata, meaning he had heavy proportions in his work, but also meaning his statues were mad to be looked upon straight on from one of the four sides, not from the side. The sculptures' influence was huge, as can be seen in the Parthenon for example, and he was the second founder of the Argivic School.

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