Wife of Alexander the Great, who lived in the 4th century BC.

Alexander fell in love with Roxane after he had conquered her father's castle in Bactria (today's Afghanistan)
. The wedding ceremony was held according to Iranian customs in 327 BC.

After Alexander had died in 323 BC, Roxane gave birth to his son, Alexander IV. She also had his other wife, Stateira, murdered.

In 320 BC she and her son were taken to Macedonia by Antipater as symbols of the empire of Alexander. When Antipater died in 319 BC she fled with her son to her mother-in-law Olympias in Epirus. In 316 BC Kassander captured her and murdered Olympias.

After a truce was instigated between the diadochs Kassander was to Macedonia until Alexander IV would come of age. He changed his mind, though, and had both Alexander and Roxane killed.

According to ancient sources Roxane was just as tough as Olympias.