Entertainment and nightlife in Leros

Leros is does not have the rave style of nightlife like other Greek islands.Leros is rather an island for tranquil holidays .There are though quite a few bars on Leros where the you can find the same atmosphere like on Mykonos or Kos .The main spot of Leros nightlife is at Agia Marina ,where during the summer nights the young ones raving at the Bars the whole night through.There are also a few night clubs at Alinda and Laki. At Panteli the Savana bar is one of the oldest ones. On the island you will find many Cafeterias ,most of them at night they becoming rave bars. Live Greek music you can find in some restaurants on the island.

Leros is far from being the liveliest party island in the Aegean but there are a handful of music bars which stay open until the small hours in the summer months. A typical evening out on the island consists of an evening sundowner followed by a leisurely meal in one of the excellent local tavernas. If a wild nightlife is important to you you’ll be better off in Rhodes or Kos.

Agia Marina on the east coast has the lion’s share of the island’s low key nightlife and also has some of the finest restaurants. One of the most beautiful dining spots is occupied by the Neromilos ouzeri, by the old watermill opposite the hydrofoil dock. The mill is illuminated at night and the sea laps at the walls of the dining which has wonderful views of the port and the Byzantine castle on the hill.

For a good quality, inexpensive meal try Ta Kroupia next to Kastis Travel. Or if you need a change from standard Greek fare head for Ostria with Italian specialties at the beachfront of  Lakki. The owners import ingredients from Italy and make everything on the spot, including fresh pasta.

Probably the best restaurant on the island is Dimitris, high up near the main road next to Hotel Rodon in Pandeli. The taverna offers a mouthwatering selection of mezedes and innovative Greek specialties such as chicken in retsina and stuffed squash blossom. Seafood fans will love Psaropoula Taverna which serves beautifully fresh fish dishes at tables right on the beach in Pandeli and Patimenos with Pyrofani next to the famous and oldest Cafe of the island, Tzoumas.

Later in the evening you can choose from half a dozen music bars in Agia Marina. The hottest spot in town is Apothiki which is packed on summer nights with a young lively set dancing to Greek and international dance hits till dawn. Meltemi, a couple of doors dwon from Katsis Travel, plays funk, soul and jazz till 3am.

Savana bar panteli The Savana Bar in Panteli is a perennially popular, English-run music bar which attracts yachting crowds and most of the Scandinavian and British tourists.  It stays open late and offers customers the chance to choose their own music from a vast selection of CDs.

Enallaktiko is a lively early evening spot with pool, video games, internet access and chart music playing all day and half the night.

The bustling seaside resort of Alinda has a number of clubs where you can hear traditional Greek music. And if your visit coincides with one of the island’s many festivals you’ll be able to witness a Greek-style celebration with age-old dances performed to the strains of lyres, lutes, dulcimers bagpipes and violins.

On the last Sunday of Lent there’s a big carnival with a chariot parade, dancing and a wine festival. Other wine festivals take place in Pandeli and in the south coast village of Xirokambos in August. Towards the end of September, the main port town of Lakki hosts a series of music nights and cultural events in honour of the Greek destroyer, the Queen Olga, which was sunk off the coast of Leros in 1943.