Daugher of king Minos and Pasiphae, younger sister of Ariadne. She married Theseus after his previous wife had died, and bore him two sons: Acamas and Demophon. The couple lived as king and queen of Athens, and Phaedra kept herself busy with the court affairs and building temples.
After Theseus had killed the sons of Pallas, he had to go to Troizen for purification. Phaedra came along and settled in quarters over-looking the stadium. There, she saw Theseus son Hippolytos excercising naked every day, and fell madly in love. On this spot, where she would spy on him a temple to Artemis Catascopia (the Spy) would be built.
Desperate to have him, Phaedra wrote a long letter to Hippolytos, declaring her feelings for him and how badly the women of her faily had been treated by men. She told him not to worry about the incest, even the gods had incestuous relationship.Hippolytos rejected Phaedra, disgusted with her flirtation. We do not know exactly how the story ends, but according to one version Phaedra cried rape and hanged herself. According to another Hippolytos was killed for raping her, but Theseus found out the truth and reconciliated with his son before he died. Then, Phaedra committed suicide.