Beautiful witch who lived on the island Aeaea, near Italy. Her father was the sun-god Helios and her mother the sea nymph Perse. Surrounding her palace were wild animals wich were tame, since they really were bewitched humans.

When Odysseus crew came to her island, she invited them in and turned them into swines with a magic potion. With the help of an antidote Hermes had given him, Odysseus managed to drink her poison without being transformed. Circe was so surprised when nothing happened to Odysseus that for a second she was defense-less, and the hero seized the moment and put a sword to her throat, threatening to kill her. She was then forced to turn his crew back to men, and they all stayed with her for a year.

On their leave, she told Odysseus to find Tiresias in Hades, so that the seer could provide him with important information for his journey home.

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