Paris of Troy

Prince of Troy who was the son of king Priam and his queen Hecuba. He was also called Alexander.
Priam had been told by an oracle that his son would cause Troy's ruin, and left the child to die on the mountain Ida. Sheperds found him and brought him up, ejoying the love of the nymph Oenones.
After winning the athletic competitions king Priam held, he was accepted as the king's son again.
Paris had the misfortune to be chosen by the gods as a judge at the dispute between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite about who was the most beautiful. (see Helen for this story). He went to Sparta and was welcomed by Menelaus. Paris answered the hospitality with treachury, stealing Menelaus fortunes and taking Helen with him. This led to the Trojan war. Paris was rescued from being killed by Menelaus by Aphrodite, who surrounded him with a cloud and brought him back to Troy. It was also Aphrodite who helped him kill Achilles by blowing his arrow to the hero's mortal heel, but Paris himself was killed with an arrow from Philoctetes.
Just before his death, Paris begged his beloved nymph Oenone to heal him, but she refused. After Paris death Oenone committed suicide.