Son of Poseidon and the gorgon Euryale, Orion was a great hunter who fell desperately in love with Merope, whose father rejected him.
Orion then tried to abduct her but was blinded and put to sleep by the god Dionysus. His sight was only restored after having been told by an oracle that he must travel East and let the first sunrays fall on his eyes which he did.
Orion then settled on Crete where he fell in love with Aurora. For this he was killed by the the jealous Artemis, to whom he had dedicated himself, and turned into a star constellation.
His shadow continued in Hades, still hunting wild animals.
Orion had also persecuted the Pleiades, and they turned into doves to escape him.When he still followed them, they turned into stars, making the constellation with the same name.
Another story tells us a different version about who was Orion's and how he got his name:see Hyreios