Hermaphrodite who was the accidental result after Zeus had had nocturnal emission and impregnated his grandmother Gaea.
Because Agdistis was born with both male and female sexual organs the gods feared the powers of such a creature. So, they decided to emasculate it, and so cut off the male organs, which became the almond tree.
As it happened, the daughter of he river god Sangarius, Nana, put an almond up her vagina and so became pregnant with Attis. Because Nana feared the result of her act, she exposed the boy. The baby was suckled by goats and then discovered by shepherds, and so grew up into a very handsome young man.
When Agdistis saw him one day, she fell in love with him, but he was sent to Pessinus to marry the princess there. During the ceremony, Agdistis appeared, and Attis went mad. In his lunacy he went to the mountains and castrated himself and then bled to death. His spirit went into a pine tree, and out of his blood sprang violets.
Agdistis begged her father the river god to protect Attis corpse from decomposition, and so it was done. She had a tomb made in Cybeles' sanctuary at Mt. Dindymas, and from then on all he priests there had to be castrated.
Each spring a festival was held, where a pinetree covered with violets was carried to the shrine by a funeral procession. Three days later Attis was symbolically resurrected and celebrations were held.