The daughter of king Thoas and queen Myrinna of Lemnos. Because the women of the island had neglected Aphrodite and not given her the sacrifices she demanded, they were punished by the goddess. They all became so smelly that no men wanted to be near them, and so the women decided to kill all the Lemnian men.
Hypsipyle helped her father escape and took his throne. When the Argonauts came to Lemnos, all the women got pregnant, and funeral games were held in king Thoas honour.
When Hypsipyles treachery of letting her father live was discovered she too fled the island, and ended up at king Lycurgus court as his son Opheltes' nurse.
One day the Seven against Thebes asked her for the directions to the city they were about to attack, and while she told them Opheltes was killed by a serpent. Lycurgus was just about to execute her for this when his sons and the leader of the above expedition, Amphiaraus, persuaded him not to. In order to commemorate the dead prince, Amphiaraus changed Opheltes name to Archemorus (highest baby) and instituted the Nemean Games. Hypsipyle returned to Lemnos.