The aggressive and brutal god of War, son of Zeus and Hera. His mistress and/or wife was Aphrodite and his followers were Deimos, Phobos (fear) and Eris.
Ares was the god of bloodbath, as opposed to the goddess of war Athena, who was the strategical and wise of the two. The two deities of war were bitter enemies, which can be seen in the Iliad, where the two fight each other.
Ares was a deity of Thebes, but is thought to have been worshipped first and foremost in Thrace. He also gave the name to the Athenian court Areopagus.
Among Ares many children were the Amazons, the robber Kyknos and king Diomedes of Thrace.
In Roman mythology he was called Mars.
Ares also had many epithets:
Aphneius, Areus, Enyalius, Gynaecthoenas, Theritas