Santorini KTEL buses information

santorini-busesThe buses in Santorini, operated by KTEL Santorini, play a crucial role in connecting the various parts of the island, making it convenient for both residents and tourists to navigate this beautiful destination.

The buses in Santorini offer a reliable, efficient, and affordable way to explore the island’s many attractions. Whether you’re heading to the beach, visiting ancient ruins, or simply exploring the charming villages, the extensive bus network has you covered.

By embracing the local public transportation, visitors can experience Santorini like a local, enjoying the scenic journeys that connect the diverse and beautiful parts of the island.

The KTEL buses Network

The bus network in Santorini is extensive, covering most areas of the island that are of interest to visitors. The main bus terminal is located in Fira, the capital of Santorini. From Fira, buses fan out to various destinations including Oia, Kamari, Perissa, Akrotiri, and other popular locations. This central hub system ensures that, although direct routes between smaller locations may not always be available, one can easily travel across the island with a simple transfer at Fira.

Schedule and Frequency

santorini-local-busesDuring the summer months, which is the peak tourist season, the frequency of buses increases significantly to accommodate the surge in demand. Buses to major destinations like Oia, Kamari, and Perissa run approximately every 20 minutes from early morning until past midnight.

The schedule is slightly less frequent during the off-season but still remains reliable for those visiting the island outside the peak period.

It’s advisable to check the latest schedule and plan your trip accordingly, as timings can vary based on the season and day of the week. Information on bus schedules can be found at the KTEL Santorini website or at the main bus station in Fira.

Tickets and Pricing

Tickets for the buses can be purchased directly from the driver upon boarding. Fares are reasonable, making it an economical mode of transportation for getting around the island. The cost varies depending on the distance of the route, with longer journeys costing more. There are no day passes or multi-ride tickets available, so each journey requires a separate ticket purchase.


Traveling by bus in Santorini offers not just a cost-effective way to explore the island but also an opportunity to enjoy stunning views along the way. The buses are modern and air-conditioned, providing a comfortable ride even during the hot summer months. While the buses can get crowded, especially during peak tourist season, the experience of mingling with fellow travelers and locals alike adds to the charm of exploring Santorini.

Tips for Travelers

Check the Schedule: Always check the latest bus schedule, especially if you plan to visit remote areas or travel early in the morning or late at night.
Have Cash Ready: Be prepared to pay in cash for your tickets as credit cards are not accepted on the buses.
Arrive Early: To secure a seat during peak times, it’s advisable to arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early.
Be Mindful of Your Belongings: As with any public transportation, keep an eye on your personal items, especially in crowded situations.