Food and Cuisine of Serifos

serifos-food-and-cuisineThe land of Serifos, made of iron and granite, is the wildest in the Cyclades archipelago and awaits you to discover its scents and the exquisite flavors of its local products and its traditional food and cuisine, crafted by the island’s wonderful and hospitable inhabitants.

The island, with its gloomy mines and glorious history, conceals iron and magnetite in its bowels.

The “stone of Hercules,” with its supernatural properties, formed 150-200 million years ago at the bottom of an oceanic section of the Tethys Sea, generously endows the roots of the Serifiot vineyards with all the fine ingredients that fill the famous Serifiot wine with aroma and rich flavor.

serifos-wineThe clear, intoxicating wine of Serifos delights the palate to this day, and a few drops add a unique aftertaste to pork dishes, sausages, and cured meats, also spiced with herbs. From old times, there are the spoon sweet made from aromatic sour wild cherries, and the famous Serifiot pasteli. This small rhombus-shaped confection, placed on a lemon leaf, has a shelled almond at its center. It is the sweet treat offered as a gesture of hospitality after weddings.

The New Year’s chickpea stew with raisins from the local platyracho variety, marathotiganites (fennel fritters), and sun-dried octopus, the thickened whey cheese, myzithra of bakireniou ganomenou haraniou, sour myzithra, piperati, and others.

The attractive, rocky Serifos, in the past, had tender, sweet onions, nourishing partridges, and various cereals.
Serifos is an island that preserves its local customs and traditions. Visitors have the opportunity to attend some of the Serifiot festivals. On August 15th, the festival of the Virgin Mary takes place, with songs, dances, and gastronomic surprises from the local cuisine.