Platanos the capital of Leros

platanos leros

Platanos is spreading south up the hill from Agia Marina, and now almost indistinguishable from it, is the island’s commercial and political capital.

A chaotic spread of whitewashed houses lies between two barren hillsides, flanking a busy main road designed more for donkeys than the motor traffic that now streams along it.

Attractive houses line the main road and the narrow alleys that branch off left and right.

In Platanos located the town hall of Leros and the public library as well as many shops, cafes and supermarkets. The Lerian club or Leriaki Leski is next to the Town hall with an excelent traditional architecture.

Extensively bombed by the British in World War Two, much has survived or been restored. At the top of the hill is the main square which holds one of the biggest markets on Leros.

The Castle of Leros Panagia dominates over Platanos , Panteli and Agia Marina.

You can drive up to it or walk, although the walk involves about 300 steps, for extensive views of Leros and a chance to see the beautiful 10th century Church of Our Lady ( Panagia ) which stands inside the castle.leros-castle

Four roads start from Platanos, two of them lead to Agia Marina and continues to Alinda and the north part of the island, the first ( that starts from the Toen hall ) is dual traffic and the second to the east side of the square, is one way ( going down to the port).

On the eastern side of the square, there is another road that leads to the Church and quarters of Christos and continues the ring road that goes up to Kastr. The road next to Leriaki Leshi leads to Panteli and Lakki