Leros beaches

What are the best beaches of Leros

Leros has many beaches most of them are pebbly with few sandy ones, the largest sandy beach is at the west part of the island, at Gourna. From Agia Marina and along the big bay to Dyo Liskaria and Kryfos, there are many small beaches and coves. In the lacy coves in Krithoni and Alinda, you can enjoy the sea even in winter because there are no winds or waves. They are beaches ideal for children with accommodation and taverns. Krithoni has a small pebble beach after the Hotel Krithoni’s Paradise, Alinda has a narrow sandy beach that steches along the bay of Alinda for 1 km. Along the beach there are bars and cafes, restaurants and mini markets. You can get there by bus from Lakki, Platanos and Agia Marina.

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Vromolithos beach in Leros

Further on are the Panagies beach with clear blue waters, which you can walk from Alinda. The road ends at Dyo Liskaria. A beautiful beach with cafe-bars and taverns, which gathers young people.

The bar has nice relaxing music, is open at night, has exotic décor and comfortable hammocks. In general, everything on the beach is quiet. The next beach, Kryfos – indeed – is hidden among rocks with gushing springs, but can only be reached by boat.

Plefouti is one of the most beautiful beaches of Leros and ideal for families. Located in the north of the island, is very popular for excursions especially on Shrove Monday. It is ideal for children, it has shade tamarisk trees and two nice taverns. Do not miss to visit the church of Agia Kioura, where all the murals were made by political exiles during the dictatorship, who used as models their captives, women of Leros and gendarmes. In the bay below Agia Kiura, there is a secluded beach, not so child friendly.

To the south is Xirokampos, which overlooks Kalymnos. It is a narrow bay with a very nice sandy beach, protected from the meltemia of August and accommodation and dining options. You can also visit the church of Panagia Kavouradaina, which is buried in the crevice of the rock by the sea and to reach you must follow a downhill path, after leaving the car at the end of the road.

panteli beachOne of the most famous beaches is Vromolithos with sunbeds and a beach bar is almost connected with Panteli and you can get there by car or by foot from Platanos or Panteli.
The beach of Agia Kioura with its turquoise waters, which has a passable dirt road, it is tiny and easy to fill. Going down, stop at the church of the same name with the special murals. Blefouti is a quiet, narrow sandy beach with tamarisk trees, taverns and families.

Walkers, on the other hand, prefer Kryfos. Merikia to the south is a narrow sandy beach with taverns. Cross it and take the dirt road.

On the second dirt road on the left you will find a beautiful and quiet pebble beach. Boats make daily itineraries to the surrounding Micronesian islands with exotic waters, while from Partheni you have the opportunity to rent a private boat for the island of Archangelos.