The village of Volada in Karpathos

voladaVolada village, located between the hills of Aperi  and Othos ,it  is a particularly photogenic mountain village of Karpathos. Located about 10 kilometers from the capital city, Pigadia, the road to Volada passes through the aforementioned Aperi, winding its way uphill through the hills, offering increasingly beautiful views.

The road passing through Volada connects both the eastern and western sides of the island of Karpathos, providing access to Kato Lefkos or Finiki. Due to the narrow and almost one-way effect of the roads, parking spaces in Volada are quite limited, and not everyone stops here – in this regard, Aperi or Othos are more accommodating villages.

Similar to other villages on Karpathos, Volada boasts well-maintained houses, charming chapels, and smaller churches, some of which are built along the roadside. Among the attractions are springs located a bit further from the road in the central area, supplying the surroundings with water from the mountain springs. The village tavern, Klimataria, is also noteworthy.

Several hiking trails and paths start from the vicinity of Volada, leading to nearby chapels or connecting with neighboring settlements. The village, situated in the shadow of the mountains, offers a particularly beautiful view of the capital, Pigadia, and its surroundings.

The nearest beaches are Achata beach, Vrontis beach, and Afoti beach – Achata is 8 kilometers from Volada, while the coastal areas of the capital are 7-8 kilometers away.