The village of Mesochori in Karpathos

karpathos-mesochoriIn the western side of Karpathos, we find the village of Mesochori, it is located on the quieter western side of the island. and  offers a unique blend of tradition, tranquility, and natural beauty that captivates visitors seeking an authentic Greek experience.

Mesochori, considered a traditional Karpathos village, is located in the northwestern part of the island, in a stunning natural environment, surrounded by high mountains. Until 1960, the village was only accessible on foot, on a poor-quality dirt road, only then was the section leading here widened and asphalted.

Mesochori is known and loved by many, similar to Olympos (Olymbos, Όλυμπος), known for its folk traditions, because of its narrow, alley-like streets, it can only be accessed on foot. For this reason, areas suitable for parking have been created on the entrance section of Mesochori for cars and motorbikes, from which a walk follows.
Mesochori Karpathos

The mostly whitewashed buildings of Mesochori offer an extremely charming sight and a true Carpathian atmosphere, which is not dampened even by the noise of the tourists. Since it is far from most settlements, it does not have its own beach, and you have to turn off the main road to get to it, so relatively few vacationers come here.

Among the several churches and chapels in the area, the largest and most famous is the Panagia Vrysiani (Παναγία Βρυσιανη), rising in the northern part of the village and covered by rocks, where you can see carved wooden pews, colorful iconostases and local religious relics, as usual in Greek churches. For the interesting local legend that is connected here, simply turn the page in the current downloadable travel guide for a more detailed presentation of the village and read it before coming here.