Information about the village of Menetes in Karpathos

menetesMenetes, one of the largest and most beautifully situated villages in the southern region of Karpathos, is located just a few minutes’ drive from the island’s capital, Pigadia, approximately 8 kilometers away.

The village is renowned for its spectacular viewpoints, several of which can be visited while exploring Menetes.

Situated in a striking location on the edge of a rocky cliff and the rising mountain behind it, this small town is perched at an elevation of 300 meters above sea level, with its colorful houses ascending in terraces. Despite its elevated position, reaching Menetes (Μενετες) is quite easy, as it is only a short drive from the capital of Karpathos and can also be accessed by local Karpathos bus service.

In Menetes, besides the village’s distinctive location, attention is drawn to its brightly painted buildings, creating a sharp contrast with villages such as Kato Lefkos or Mesochori, where white is the predominant house color.

Several attractions of Karpathos can be explored in and around Menetes, as the island’s largest statue, the October 5th Memorial, the Kimissis Tis Theotokou Church, the Agios Mamas Church with 700-year-old frescoes on its walls, and a small private ethnographic museum, stand in close proximity, alongside many small churches and chapels in the vicinity.

With approximately 400 residents at present, Menetes, classified among the larger towns of Karpathos, had over a thousand inhabitants a few decades ago. Despite the decreasing population, the settlement gives the impression of a tidy village, featuring several taverns and roadside cafes. In August, religious festivals are organized, attracting visitors from distant parts of the island.

Even if one simply passes through the narrow main street of the village, the flowers lining the street, bougainvillea bushes, grapevine pergolas providing shade, and geraniums blooming on balconies will catch the eye, transforming the settlement into a friendly and inviting place.

Many people first encounter Menetes when traveling to the western side of the island of Karpathos – the road branches off between Pigadia and Amoopi and passes through Menetes to Arkasa on the western coast. However, even if one does not intend to cross to the other side of the island, it is worth turning off to the village by motorcycle or car, as Menetes is considered one of the most beautiful settlements in Karpathos.

In the evenings, those strolling in Karpathos’ capital, Pigadia, and looking towards the western mountains can discern the lights of Menetes, as the lamps of the buildings built on the rocky cliff and the silhouette of the village may be familiar to the observant.

For those exploring this part of Karpathos, it is advisable to read about the characteristics and secrets of Menetes, as well as detailed visual descriptions, in the current digital guide to Karpathos. This ensures that no one misses out on the best local experiences and information.