Kavos Corfu travel guide

kavos-corfuKavos is the place to head for if you are young, single and looking to get wrecked on 24-hour boozing and clubbing.

If you want noise and nightlife you’ll find Kavos great; if you prefer a quiet Greek beach holiday you may think yourself in a corner of hell.

Kavos bars and clubs are all highly rated by youngsters but reports abound adding meths to their free shots to boost the potency and other idiocies.

Touts pester tourists constantly to join the foam parties or lap up the lap dancing clubs while street hawkers tout pirate videos and CDs.

kavosKavos music bars belt out throb music 24 hours-a-day and compete with the karaoke bars, not to say the noisy hordes of booze-wrecked youngsters.

Dirty beaches and sewer pipes make the Kavos sands unattractive, to say nothing of rotting seaweed and the odd used condom. Kavos has been likened to a giant dustbin.

Kavos is no family resort. While some tour companies play down the mayhem and call Kavos ‘lively’, it actually means boozed-up boys tearing on quad bikes and drunk girls throwing up for a ‘larf’.

Visitor tips include buying your condoms in daylight as the price doubles at night – says it all really. Buses are cheap and reliable if you want to get out of Kavos. and, if you are over 25 and sober, you almost certainly will.