Getting around Corfu

Corfu is a long and thin island and most holidaymakers limit themselves to stays in the north or the south, with most based on the north and east coastlines. Corfu island roads are generally good, especially in the heavily populated areas around Corfu Town. Roads can deteriorate in the mountainous north-west and along the less populated western coast.

Villages are not always well signposted, so visitors may need a decent map especially if they leave the main road system, although even detailed maps may not always prove reliable. Rural Greek signposts are often not much use either.

Corfu transport

Roads are generally good on Corfu, particularly to the east and north of the island, but they can deteriorate quickly when heading inland and may turn into dirt tracks in the less populated south-west. Car hire is plentiful on Corfu, with all the major resorts having several car and motorbike rental shops.

Corfu buses

Daily bus services run to Corfu from Athens and Thessaloniki. For details telephone (26610) 30627, 39985. Corfu itself has two bus services – the Blue Bus serves Corfu Town and the surrounding area while KTEL (Green Bus) runs routes to many island resorts and villages and to several cities and towns on the mainland.

Bus timetables

The central bus station is in San Roko. Buses are modern and comfortable but can fill up fast at popular times so get there early to ensure a seat.

Timetables are posted on the bus stops but be aware that buses may wander around the villages as drivers drop local people off, even if it’s not on the posted route – so times can vary. Click here to find KTEL Corfu bus shedules online – they are in Greek but most services can be made out.

Corfu taxis

Taxis are plentiful but not cheap as taxi drivers were allowed to double their rates in return for better services. There are taxi stands in central areas of Corfu Town such as San Roko and Theotokis Street while radio-taxis can be called on 26610 33811. Fares are often displayed in euros and British pounds on the most popular destinations and many taxi firms will quote for island excursions.

Water taxis

Some visitors use water taxis to get around the beaches, although these are most useful where resorts are clustered close together such as along the north-east coast. Car and motorbike hire is available in all the main resorts and cycle hire has become very popular in recent years.

Walking trails are plentiful and the recently opened Corfu long-distance trail, at around 220km, runs the north-south length of Corfu from Cape Agia Ekaterini to Arkoudillas.