When to go to Corfu climate and temperatures

Corfu, has a Mediterranean-type climate, so there are hot and relatively dry summers, often cooled by seasonal breezes and rather rare rains.

Even the winters are mild but, unlike the summer, the rainfall is conspicuous and occurs mainly from November to March. Precisely for this type of climate, Corfu is an ideal destination for a holiday.

Spring is the best time to visit this Ionian island that overlooks the western coasts of Greece and Albania, and temperatures in this period go from a minimum of 15 ° C to a maximum of 25 ° C. In addition, the accommodations in this period have very low prices.

In the summer season, temperatures fluctuate between 25 ° C and 35 ° C, but the perception can be lower thanks to the light breeze that cools the air, the Meltemi, which usually blows in the early afternoon.

Autumn is also recommended, since the temperatures are still good. In September, for example, the days in Corfu are splendid, there are still highs around 30 ° C.

You will find the best climate in Corfu in the months from June to August. We refer to the summer season of course, when the days are warm and sunny but, above all, ideal for swimming in the beautiful sea that surrounds this island.

Summer certainly guarantees the absence of any precipitation, but also spring, from the end of April and all of May, even if with maximum temperatures ranging from 22 to 25 ° C, it has increasingly frequent sunny days. Even the autumn season, specifically the whole month of September and the first half of October, the weather is mild and pleasant, even if the first rains begin to arrive.

Weather by Seasons

Corfu benefits from an excellent climatic situation in which we can distinguish the canonical 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter.


In this season (March-May) the rains are progressively less and less frequent, until they become rare, while the sunny days increase and the temperatures range from a minimum of 12 ° C to a maximum of 20 ° C. May, then, is the month that begins the real summer season, with temperatures warm during the day and becoming cooler in the evening.

In this period, the island is not yet very populated, and this offers the possibility of finding peaceful and quiet beaches. The winds that blow over the sea have not risen and therefore the waters are often calm.


The days in these months (June-August) are undoubtedly warm and sunny, and often the maximums can reach 30 ° C with a certain frequency and in the absence of wind, even if rarely, 35/36 ° C can be perceived.


The autumn months (September-October) still have a mild climate despite the first rains. But September still presents itself as the best time to visit the island of Corfu.


The winter season (December-February) is mild but rather rainy, in fact 120 mm of rain can fall in December and January. Sometimes cold drafts from the Balkan Peninsula can occur, with some cold and windy days, and possible light frosts at night. In the inland hills it can also snow.