Arillas Corfu travel guide

arillasArillas Corfu is a fairly sleepy holiday resort on the north-west coast of Corfu island. It is basically a large sandy bay with a long jetty bisecting it and a small quay for fishing boats.

Arillas holidays are popular with families and couples, but there is not a lot to do other than sunbathe and swim. The water is very shallow and sandy underfoot so it’s a good spot for paddling children. There is a long jetty to the south with some small scraps of sand beyond it.

Arillas beach is distinctive in that it changes shape with the prevailing currents. A north wind piles sand on the beach which can ‘grow’ by two metres daily, while a south wind does the opposite.

Beyond a rock outcrop at the northern end is an unofficial nudist beach in a sheltered cove backed by steep cliffs. To the south is an area of “green mud” that locals claim has healing properties but visitors often use as a natural sunblock.

The deserted islet of Gavia adds interest offshore. Boats will take you across to the island, about one hour from Arillas, but there is not a lot to see when you get there.

A road runs along the top of Arillas beach with some parking on the side of the road. Only one bus a day runs out of Arillas and that sets off early, so it pays to hire a car if you are staying long.

There are plenty of Arillas apartments and rooms for rent. Several small hotels and apartments have sprung up in recent years and there are bars close to the beach.

You can find more good tavernas in Arillas village plus a couple of minimarkets and some gift shops and a recently acquired cash point.