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The Roman Period in Greece

Greece was a Roman province in all aspects from 146BC - AD86. The Greeks wanted their independence, though, and when the Pontian king Mithridates VI started invading Roman territories many Greek states supported him. This proved to be a disastrous decision, for the Roman army answered by chasing Mithridates out of Greece and by sacking Athens, Corinth and a large part of central Greece. From now on Greece had lost any commercial power, and basically only art and philosophy remained a major influence.

Augustus separated Macedonia from Greece around 22 BC, but otherwise Greece was pretty much left to its own misery until about 250 years later, when Hadrian was Emperor. Herodes Atticus then beautified Athens man many Greek cities, but when the Goths invaded in 267 Athens was captured and Argus, Corinth and Sparta sacked.

The Roman Empire was divided in two parts, East and West since it had two emperors after 385. The East was to develop into what we know as Byzantium.

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