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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting to Greece by train and ferry-travel information

information on travel to Greece by train and ferries

There are 2 ways of travel to Greece by train, the one that I personally recommend is to travel until Italy and then get the ferry to Greece from Ancona ,Bari or Bridisi and the other is the old traditional Orient Express route that goes through the Balkan peninsula mostly via Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Fyrom, entering Greece at Idomeni border station on its way to Thessaloniki and further on to Athens. That use to be the good old days rail trip, during the 60's and 70's, of many young backpackers, InterRail holders and Greek emigrants from Germany and other western European countries. Still today that is the route of all trains coming to Greece from France , Italy , Germany (Deutsche Bahn DB), Austria ( train information Ă–sterreichische Bundesbahnen Ă–BB) and all other Western Europe countries that trains have to go through them.

getiing there from dover

Getting to Greece by train from the UK:
From England you can use either the fast way getting to France under the British channel with the Eurostar from Waterloo International, Ashford or the brand new Ebbsfleet railway station, or alternatively the "take it easy way" by Ferry from Dover to Calais and then to Paris by train, be sure to get a direct one and not the trains that go via Lille. If you are lucky with your timetable you can get the Eurostar from Calais Frethun that gets to Paris in 90 minutes about.

Gare De Lyon

From Paris (rail info SNCF ) the best way is to get the night train to Italy that lives from the Gare de Bercy direction Milan. Be sure to get a reservation a day ot two before you travel on the night train. If you want to travel by day and enjoy the scenery you can get the train direction Paris, Lausanne, Milan from Gare de Lyon. From Milan Italy (trains info Trenitalia ) usually you must change train for Ancona, the same railway line is serving Bari and Brindisi, all fery ports to Greece.

travel to Greece from Hamburg Germany

Getting to Greece by train from Scandinavia and Germany:
All trains from Scandinavia go through Copenhagen and further on to Germany (German railways information Deutsche Bahn) by Flensburg or Puttgarden. The railway route goes through Hamburg and from there through Munich, Kufstein, Austria Innsbruck, Brenero to Italy via Verona Bologna to Ancona if you will continue by ferry, or if you want to continue by land go straight by train through Austria via Vienna, Belgrade ( Serbia), Thessaloniki-Athens or via Vienna, Sofia (Bulgaria) Thessaloniki-Athens.

From the Iberian peninsula, Spain and Portugal the rail route goes along the south coasts of France and entering Italy from Ventimiglia.

Travel to Greece by Ferry. Travelling from Italy to Greece by ferry is to my personal opinion the best and relaxing way for both foot passengers and car drivers. Always a travel to Greece by land through Europe is long and makes you tired so an overnight on a boat with or without cabin is a good way to refresh and enjoy the rest of the journey to Greece. From the ports of Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi, dozens of ferries departing to Greece daily. From Ancona high speed luxury ferries make the journey in 19-20 hours (eliminating the old 36 hours journey) the Ancona ferries stop over in Igoumenitsa and Corfu as well as the ferries from Bari and Brindisi before they arive to Patras port the main sea gate of Greece to Italy.

travel from Ancona Italy

Greece getting there by Airplane: I will not go on details here because I have covered the subject in the article about information on flights to Greece the same occurs about getting to Greece by car as I have wrote an extended article about driving to Greece from the UK. For any further information you can post a comment.


Anonymous Ferry said...

I too think the second option to travel to Greece by ferry will be more adventurous and the best and relaxing way.

October 21, 2008  
Anonymous prom do said...

Yes, traveling through ferry would give more relax and comfort and refreshing too. Under the British channel with the Eurostar from Waterloo International also a good idea.

March 09, 2009  
Anonymous boot engeland said...

Definitely I prefer to go by ferries subject to route is available, as its really tasteful. Moreover, there will not have limitation for luggage, can go with pets, with car, privacy cabins, shoppings, bar & restaurants, cinema halls, child play grounds, relaxing places, what not. Can travel with full of enjoy and relaxing. I love ferries, indeed

April 15, 2009  

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