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Some of the best beaches of Greece

beach in GreeceGreece is famous all over the world for its summer and its islands, and no one can deny that. Instead! Who would not want to be on one of the many enchanting beaches of this country?
Paradise beaches and islands are often identical to Greece. This is because, wherever you stand and wherever you are, there is a beach that will surprise you and leave you open-mouthed thanks to its uniqueness and natural beauty.

Greece is one of the countries in the world with the largest coastal extension: in other words, it is one of the countries in the world with the most beaches and that is why in the collective imagination it is the ideal destination for a wonderful beach holiday.

It is not a false myth: the sea of Greece is truly one of the most beautiful in the world, very clear and of extraordinary colors, mostly blue or blue but in some areas it is tinged with an incredible emerald green.

With so many kilometers of coastline where to go to find the most beautiful beaches in Greece? In fact it is difficult to answer because there are lovely beaches both on the mainland and on the islands, including the less touristy ones.

We have gathered here the most beautiful beaches of Greece and we present them to you so that you are prepared!
See in detail the best beaches of Greece that resemble an earthly paradise.

Beach in Skiathos


MILOS BEACH SARAKINIKOThe famous Sarakiniko beach in Milos does not go unnoticed and you have definitely seen thousands of photos on social media. The beach got its name from the Saracen pirates, who used it as a base. Arriving there you will notice the absence of vegetation. However, it is replaced by white volcanic rocks, which “invade” the crystal clear waters creating small and large caves. The beach is not organized and there are rocks everywhere, however in one place you will find a little sandy beach. For the adventurous, we suggest exploring the enchanting seabed of these crystal clear waters. Of course, caution is required when “Mother Nature” blows strong north winds on the spot, as it makes your stay there difficult. The ideal time is to have some apnea. Beyond that, neither time nor anything matters. Sarakiniko in Milos is an unforgettable experience for every visitor, as this lunar landscape, the emerald waters and the reflection of light on the rocks “assemble” an idyllic landscape.


The whole of Thassos is unique and is a huge life experience. The island has gained a fan base in recent years, who rush to enjoy their dives on its tropical beaches, which are surrounded by lush pine forests and olive groves. The aura that Thassos emits but also the natural landscapes that it has will transport you to a magical setting. It may seem difficult for many to reach, but its incomparable beauty can reward even the most demanding visitor. We suggest you take your first dip on Giola beach or otherwise “Aphrodite’s Tear”. This is a natural pool in the Astris area, which will leave you with your mouth open. Beyond that, of course, Thassos is a real paradise and there are many options. The verdant beach of Saliara and Aliki, for example, will drive you crazy.


balos-BEACHBalos. Listening to this, our mind goes effortlessly, and perhaps associatively, to our favorite Cretan dance. But here we are talking about the exotic beach with the wild beauty that is formed between the peninsula of Gramvousa and the cape Tigani in Chania, Crete. Some years ago, this bay was known only to local fishermen. But now that has changed drastically. A little of the fine pink sand, which impresses, a little of the blue-green shallow waters, a little of the Cretan aura, and voilà, ready the ideal setting that makes it one of the most famous and busy beaches of our country. The Balos Lagoon is flooded every year by thousands of tourists and fanatical camping supporters. A friendly tip: If you like crowds, July and August are the months when people are drowning. If, on the other hand, you prefer calm and relaxation, choose holidays in either June or September. In addition, you can not miss a visit to Imeri Gramvousa, which is located directly opposite, and especially to its Venetian castle, which has stood there since about 1584 and is a symbol of the region.


This island is famous for many reasons, one of which is its clear blue and clear waters. The most famous beach of Ithaca is Platia Ammos, and in relation to the rest it is the only one that has all-white fine sand. All the others, such as the secular Filiatro or Lefki, are adorned with large white pebbles. It is a given that an island in the Ionian Islands like this can not disappoint you. This is because its beauty is authentic and original and it manages to win over anyone who visits it without much effort.


Chrysi, also called Gaidouronisi, is an island in the Libyan Sea and is the ultimate exotic destination. It is located about 13.8 km south of Ierapetra, while about 700 meters east of it is the islet of Mikronisi. Chrysi Island is protected by Natura 2000 as an “area of ​​intense natural beauty”. It hosts the largest naturally formed Lebanese cedar forest in all of Europe, and owes its name to its golden fine sand with plenty of shells. In addition, its waters are crystal clear.

ithaca beach



Zakynthos (or otherwise Jante or Levante Fioro) if there is one thing it can and should be proud of is its beaches. Throughout the island you can find unique beaches that take you to a completely different mood. From this list, therefore, could not miss the most famous beach of the island, Navagio, located on the secluded coast of Ai-Giorgis. For the story, it is a real shipwreck, also known as “Panagiotis”, which was located in 1980 and, as it has been established, was carrying smuggled cigarettes. In the northwestern part of the island, therefore, is one of the most Instagrammable beaches in Greece. Admittedly it is a unique attraction that the island of Zakynthos has to show. Every year it is flooded with people who want to enjoy it. Access to this beach, of course, is possible only by boat.



Paxos and Antipaxos are small jewels of the Ionian that most of us want to visit. They are ideal destinations for those who want to relax, as well as for nature lovers. It is a dream destination of the Ionian, which stands out for its special beauty and its exotic beaches. Vrika and Voutoumi in Antipaxos are two of the most famous beaches. They will captivate you with their crystal clear waters and heavenly beauty, which looks like it has come out of a fairy tale. In addition, the local delicacies in the taverns will drive you crazy with the above!


PACHIA-AMMOSSamothrace meets all the conditions for a relaxed and alternative vacation, away from cosmopolitan hangouts and frantic nightlife. It is located in the North Aegean, southwest of the mouth of the river Evros, while it is about 50 km from the port of Alexandroupolis. In addition, it should be noted that, after the mountains of Crete, one of the most mountainous places in the Aegean is Samothrace.

This is because on its surface stands imposingly Mount Saos, with the highest peak on the Moon, at 1,614 meters. Thus, mountainous Samothrace has rich vegetation, running water, imposing waterfalls and many streams. As a result, the island has beaches in lush landscapes, such as Pachia Ammos. It is located about 17 km away from Kamariotissa and is the only beach of Samothrace with turquoise waters and sand.


Sivota is 24 km from the port of Igoumenitsa. It is a verdant seaside place with stone settlements, against the backdrop of the high mountains of Epirus and the enchanting Ionian coast. In essence, it is a closed cove with scattered islands and islets such as Mavro Oros and Agios Nikolaos. You will hear the locals call them Mourtos, which was their name until 1913 by the Turks. Now, many consider them as the “Caribbean of Greece”. A dip in their waters will make you feel unique and understand why in recent years they are gaining more and more loyal visitors.


BEACHDonoussa in the Small Cyclades may not be one of the most popular islands in our country, however those who know how to travel have visited it many times. This is because, despite its size, it can offer so much to every visitor. It is suitable for moments of calm, relaxation and isolation, while thanks to its size you can take a walk from all the beaches of the island and enjoy their clear blue waters. Wherever you stand on the island, around you there is the endless blue of the Aegean, which “speaks” to your soul and gives you the inner peace you are looking for. You should make your first dive in the small and quiet beach Livadi-Fykio, located in the sheltered bay below the settlement of Mersini. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Donoussa, with deep green waters, all-white sand and tamarisk trees for natural shade. It should be noted that Fykio joins Livadi with a small path. If you want something less secluded, prefer the largest beach on the island, Stavros, with its golden sand, which is close to both the main market and the taverns for local fish.


The island of Alonissos is really wonderful and will surprise you with its beauty and picturesqueness. A walk in the small town of Chora is enough for you not to come off. The beaches of Alonissos add to the beauty and serenity of the island. Agios Dimitrios beach, with its clear blue clear waters and large white pebbles, will win you over and give you exactly what you need: peace of mind. It is close to the settlements of Kalamakia and Steni Vala, while opposite it is the islet of Peristera. One side of the beach is not so caught by the wind, and the sea is usually “oil”. The other has more frequent storms and the rising tide is worth exploiting by aspiring surfers who visit it. The choice is yours! Water, moreover, with or without a wave, remains crystalline.


IKARIA SEYCHELES BEACHIn Ikaria time does not exist and the relaxed vibe of its people will surprise you and put you so effortlessly in a different holiday mood. Ikaria is a large island with hospitable people, wild beauty and long distances. That is why the means of transportation is necessary. It is famous for its traditional festivals and the sweet dizziness offered by the local wine and the Ikarian dance, which never stops. But it is also known for its beaches. The most famous is the famous Seychelles beach, which has nothing to envy from the beaches of the homonymous island state in the Indian Ocean. It is a small sandy opening between imposing rocks. It is not organized, so take the essentials with you. Also, access to it is possible in two ways: First, descent through the rocks – there is of course something like a path that facilitates the situation. And secondly, with a boat that runs from a nearby port. In any case, it will enchant you, as well as the whole island. 


Voidokilia is located next to the Gialova Lagoon and is one of the most famous destinations in Messinia. Its name comes from Voufras, meaning the place “where the oxen live”. In an ancient inscription it is also referred to as Vouvota – Voidokilia, something which probably refers to its special formation, which reminds the letter Ω but also the belly of the ox. The beach is a protected area of ​​Natura 2000 with significant biodiversity.

Thus, you will not find organized activity there, while free camping is also prohibited. The beach of Voidokilia has white fine sand from end to end, clear waters, while it is surrounded by low vegetation. Admittedly, this is a beach that you must visit and enjoy.


Mylopotamos is one of the most famous beaches of Pelion. It should be noted that Pelion is not only a winter destination, as many think. This beach is located in the famous Tsagarada, it is organized and its uniqueness does not go unnoticed. It is a beach that is cut on two large rocks. There is of course a small path under the huge rocks that connects the two sandy beaches with small pebbles. This exotic landscape is elaborately complemented by the pines and the waters of a torrent. Of course, in a place with so many rocks, it is impossible not to anticipate climbing for extreme lovers.


mykonos beachKalo Livadi beach is located along the southeast coast of Mykonos 2 kilometers from the traditional village of Ano Mera and 10 from Chora. Quiet and ideal for relaxation, the beach is one of the longest in Mykonos, is equipped and is located at the end of a panoramic valley dotted with small white houses. The beach of fine golden sand flows into shallow turquoise waters and offers the opportunity to practice various water sports including windsurfing thanks to the winds that blow from the south. In the center of the bay is a rock formation known as Kalafakiona, popular with fishermen for catching lobsters in the small caves below. Kalo Livadi is popular with Greek tourists and is ideal for families with children and for anyone wishing to spend a few days away from the noisy crowds. On the beach there are a couple of bars, a restaurant and some tavernas where you can take a break from the summer sun. Not far away is the Elia beach.

Paradise Beach is probably the most famous tourist attraction on the island of Mykonos: every year it attracts crowds of young people, mostly singles, from all over Europe. Music is the protagonist of the days and nights of Paradise Beach, overlooked by the trendiest clubs on the island where the best DJs on the international scene play. But the fun at Paradise Beach begins long before the clubs open, thanks to the legendary beach parties and beach bars blasting loud music, 7 days a week. If you liked this beach, don’t miss Super Paradise Beach, even more fashionable and transgressive.


The Palm Forest and the beach of Vai are famous in Crete. And, of course, when we talk about palm trees and golden sand, what could be more exotic than that? It is also one of the 19 Aesthetic Forests in Greece, which it joined in 1973, because there is a species of endemic palm tree, which is known since the Minoan era and is called “Phoenix Theophrastii” . The site is now adorned with over 5,000 palm trees over 200 years old. So who would not want to escape to a tropical paradise like this?