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Sailing through the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea and exploring the beautiful Cycladic Islands is a fantastic way to enjoy your vacation in Greece. Paros has a plethora of pristine beaches, secluded coves and small isles located off its coast which you can visit by sailing boat. Sailing is a great skill to learn and is also tremendous fun. The sense of achievement gained after you have mastered the basics and can then take off on your own is paramount to none. Paros is fortunate in have an excellent dinghy sailing school at the Nautical Club of Paros.

Paros Nautical Club: is situated at the far end of Livadia beach in the bay of Parikia. Its sandy beach, clear waters and calm seas make an excellent location to begin learning to sail. The club offers courses for complete beginners up to more advanced sailing at very reasonable hourly rates. The courses are tailored for individuals, small groups or groups of up to ten people. The duration of the courses range from 2 hours to multi-day courses but this can be flexible to suit individual needs. Furthermore, for optimal learning and safety reasons, class numbers are kept small. As well as learning the skills of handling the craft, students also learn how to prepare their boat and basic sailing and safety rules. All equipment and tuition materials are included in the price and all the instructors are extremely experienced and many have award at national & international levels with certified coaching qualifications.

Caique Excursions: Eurodivers Club organise delightful excursions on their beautiful wooden boats for snorkelling, diving, private sailings and daily cruises.
Fishing: Paros is a great place for fishing whether you are an amateur or an experienced devotee of the sport. The southwest and southeast coasts of the island offer the best opportunities and you will find many likeminded souls in places like Alyki, Makria Myti and all along the east coast from Esternio to Drios. According to Greek laws, you are permitted to fish from any dock but there are limits on the amounts of fish you can catch and you should check with the local coast guards for guidance on this as the regulations change from year to year. Underwater fishing is allowed only during the hours of daylight and it is recommended that you should signal your presence by using a buoy. If you intend to rent a boat for the purpose of fishing you should ensure that the boat owner is aware of this. You do not need a fishing license if the boat is 15hp or under. On the other hand, you should have either hold a license or obtain permission from the port police if you are the owner of the boat. Boats and fishing tackle and equipment can be bought in many places across the island. For convenience, some are listed below:
Motor Boat Rentals: -Try Alexis Bizas based in Parikia, (tel. 6944 209624) or Afros Yacht Services , also located in Parikia at the entrance to the jetty. This latter not only rents out boats but also has everything you require for boating. (tel. 22840 23625)
Fishing tackle and equipment: - Polos shop: Parikia, behind OTE.
Underwater fishing equipment: - Bit of Salt is the only surf shop on the island where not only can you get anything you require for surfing but also equipment for underwater fishing. You will find it on the road from Naoussa to Marpissa, (tel. 22840 42757 )


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