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Naoussa Paros

NAOUSAThe picturesque town of Naoussa is the second largest town of Paros island and important centre of tourism with many hotels, well organised tourist infrastructure, restaurants, clubs, shops and cultural events.
Naousa located in the eastern side of Naoussa Bay about 7 m east of Parikia a coastal town, very picturesque and probably the most photographed spot of Paros (especially the small fortified Venetian port). Located on the north-west side of Paros, looking towards Naxos is the second city of Paros, Naoussa. Naoussa is a small fishing port and the old Venetian harbour with its protective walls and fortified remains is a charming shelter for the attractive and quaint fishing boats moored here. The boats which anchor here are completely sheltered from the strong
Aegean winds. At the edge of the pier is the little church of Ag. Nikolaos. The ruins of the
14-15th century fort in Naoussa dominates the harbour. The town of Naoussa spreads from a small hill down to the sea and running through the town is a small stream which brings water from the mountain springs that cover the interior of Paros.
the small portNaoussa has been beautifully renovated by the municipality of Paros, with stone paved walkways and little bridges which span the little stream. The northern part of the harbour is newer and there are numerous cafes and snack
bars whilst in the older, quainter fishing harbour that begins at the small church of Ag. Nikolaos, there are many fish tavernas with tables right on the seafront. Behind the harbour is the old town of Naoussa which is built in the typical style of many Cycladic islands and, like Parikia, consists of small labyrinth stone-paved alleys, old traditional houses with overhanging upper storeys. The labyrinth layout of these towns, and the towns of neighbouring islands, were built in this way to protect the inhabitants from the north winds and also, perhaps more importantly, protection from the invasion of marauding pirates. The town and its surrounding area has a plethora venetian fortof old churches and monasteries.
albeit remnants. With a rich historical past, Naousa reflects both the Byzantine and the Venetian era in the old houses and the historic churches in the region. Worth seeing is the local Folk Museum with traditional costumes from Paros and other regions of Greece and the folklore collection which includes a library, a rich photographic archive and some archaeological discoveries. At the Wine museum of the Moraitis winery you can taste local wines.
There are many sandy beaches near to the town of Naousa with most popular the beach of Kolymbithres, Santa Maria and Ambelas. The town has a lively nightlife with many cocktail and music bars as well as many restaurants and fish taverns at the old port.

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