Thessaloniki Map

Map of Thessaloniki Greece

Thessaloniki is the capital of Central Macedonia and the second largest city in Greece. The history of Thessaloniki begins from the Great Alexander era. During the Roman periode it was an important center of the Roman Epire, in the town spoke the apostle Paul.From Thessaloniki was passed the famous Roman Via Egnatia. The city flourished also during the Byzantine times. There are many Roman and Byzantine monuments and churches. Major churches are the churches of St. Dimitrios and the Rotunda of St. George.

From the Roman monuments the most important the Kamara an arch made by the Roman emperor Galerios and the Roman Odeon that is located in the ancient market. The White Tower is the best-known symbol of Thessaloniki, while the Aristotelous Square is the most famous square of Thessaloniki..
Each year the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki and the Greek song and cinema festivals are the most important events in the city. Thessaloniki has the second largest university in Greece. The railway station of Thessaloniki and the airport connecting the city with Europe and most towns Greece.

Map of Thessaloniki