Saronic islands map

Map of the Saronic islands

The Saronic Gulf located between Attica and the Peloponnese . Its extreme outer limits are the island the Hydra to the southwest and Cape Sounion to the southeast. The width of the mouth , between Cape Sounion and Cape Skyllaion is 27 miles and the length from the island of Agios Georgios to Eleusis is 37 miles.
The Saronic Gulf includes the islands of Salamis , Aegina , Poros and many smaller ones. The coast is washed by the Saronic Gulf is dismembered with many capes and bays , as the peninsula of Methana , the port of Piraeus and the bay of Eleusis .
It is the largest bay in Greece in terms of shipping traffic . The Saronic islands includes Hydra and Spetses in the gulf of Argolis.Map of Greece

Saronic islands Greece