Kefalonia Map

Map of Kefalonia Greece

Kefalonia is the largest and most mountainous island of the Ionian Sea . Located North of Zakynthos , opposite the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth , in a distance of about 35 km from the west coast of the Peloponnese. Kefalonia has an area of 688 sq .km and 32.474 inhabitants. It is a dry and barren island separated by a narrow strait from Ithaca , which also belongs to the prefecture of Kefalonia.
The dismemberment of the coast of the island is very rich. In the Northeast form the bays of Sami Antisamos , Northwest the bay of Myrtos and North of Argostoli the bay of Lourdas . The bay of Argostoli , the safest of the Mediterranean , penetrates deep into the island and forms the peninsula Palikis, opposite the bay of Myrtos.

Kefalonia map