Symi Map

Map of Symi Greece

The island of Symi is a small island in the Dodecanese, located between east of Tilos and north of Rhodes. The island's capital is Symi. On the island is the famous monastery of Panormitis
Its coast reaches 85 km and the total area is 57 sq. km with 2,225 inhabitants. It is a mountainous island with highest peak at 550 m. Simi also has several small fertile valleys , such as Pedi , Niborio and Sesklio .
From the main ports is Gialos, Marathounta , Pedi , Panormos..
The island's climate is cool and healthy . The main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture, fishing and sponge diving . Symi comes second after Kalymnos in sponge fishing . It also exports significant quantities of lime . Other main products are wheat , olive oil , almonds , figs , tobacco and honey .

symi map