Tinos Map

Map of Tinos Greece

Tinos is an island of the Cyclades , in the southeast of Andros from which it is separated with a narrow straight of about 1.5 km . In close proximity are the islands of Syros, Delos and Mykonos from which also separated by narrow straits . It has an area of ​​195 sq km and a population of 7,747 inhabitants. It belongs to the prefecture of the Cyclades, and its capital is the city of Tinos ( 3,754 inhabitants) . The island forms in its shores many capes, bays and inlets . Main capes is Perati , Opera , the Zephyros , Saint John etc. The main bays are St. Peter , St. Romanus, St. Nicholas , Livada etc. Near the northern coast of the island there are many smaller islands like Panormos .

tinos map