Syros Map

Map of Syros Greece

Syros is an island in the Cyclades in Greece with an area of 83.63 sq. km and a population of 26.049 inhabitants. Syros located in the center of the Cyclades, Ermoupolis is the capital of the entire county of Cyclades.
The highest peak on the island is the mountain Pyrgos ( 442 m ) , while the other peaks forming rather hills than mountains . Generally the island is rocky and dry . Nevertheless the hardworking residents made Syros fertile and the entire island is cultivated intensively.
Thus the island has been transformed into farmland and vineyards. One of the most interesting settlements is Ano Syros( 1,689 inhabitants) build on the slopes of the one of the 2 hills overlooking the port . Syros has one of the most importent dry docks in Greece.

syros map