Kimolos Map

Map of Kimolos Greece

Kimolos is an island in the prefecture of Cyclades. It has an area of 35.71 square kilometers. In south-west lies Milos on the SE Poliaigos and to the NW Sifnos The terrain is volcanic , and alluvial in the Northern region. The highest peak is Paliokastro ( 358 m ) . Contains argentiferous deposits barite and layers of chalk and limestone . Starting from the northern cape of the island , the Monastery , and following the direction clockwise , we find the bay Vromo , the capes Praso and Anatoli, the small island Praso, the island Klima, Psathi bay and the islets Pyrgi , Agios Georgios . The length of the coastline is 37.9 km The climate is mild and sweet . The vegetation is limited to a few olives and vines ..

kimolos map