Amorgos Map

Map of Amorgos Greece

Amorgos is an island of the Cyclades ,it is the easternmost of all the inhabited Cyclades islands, located south east of Naxos , northeast of Ios and north of Anafi. The length of its coastline is 112 kilometers . The highest elevation is Mount Krikellos ( 826 meters ), Saint Elias Mountain ( 648 m) and Aspro( 578 m ) . The island is mountainous , rocky and rugged , with few permanent residents ( 338 ) .
The few products of Amorgos (cereals , wine , oil , figs , tobacco , etc. ) are all of excellent quality .Also fine are its dairy products. In recent years , the island's beauties attract more and more Greek and foreign tourists .
The inhabitants engaged in agriculture , fishing and shipping.

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