The Cyclades are definitely connected with the meaning of Greek summer and holidays in Greece, perhaps more than any other region of Greece, the Cyclades are one of the most popular holiday destinations. Their trademark is the bare rocks and the contrast of the white of the houses and the endless blue of the Aegean.

But beyond the picturesque whitewashed landscapes and beautiful beaches, each Cyclades island offers its own set of experiences: from the secular life of Mykonos to the relaxed, sophisticated rhythms of Tinos inland and from the gastronomic delights of Sifnos to the romantic two. of Santorini.

In general, the Cyclades are identified with cosmic vacations, romantic getaways for two, parasitic deviations, and trips on the barren line. However, most Cyclades islands, especially the larger ones, do not fit into a single holiday profile and offer different suggestions depending on your style and budget.

Some of the larger islands, such as Syros, are alive all year round and are an ideal destination for weekends, while the smaller and more remote, such as Amorgos or Anafi, are mainly for alternative lovers and have a short season, which mainly limited to the summer months.