Pilafi me Saltsa

Pilafi me Saltsa (rice with tomato sauce)
This is a very easy to make Greek food.
You will need for 2 persons :
half kilo of Carolina rice,one tin of choped tomatoes
and 50gramms of tomato paste,
cinamon,glove,1 onion, some fine chopped garlic,salt
,pepper,and a tea spoon of sugar
prepare the sauce:
Fried in cooking oil the chopped onion and garlic
until they become tender and bit brownish, add the
copped tomatoes and then add one tea cup of water.
When it will start boilled add two big spoons of
tomato paste and sturr it, add a little bit of groun
cinnamon and a couple of gloves, salt, pepper and a
tea spoon of sugar.Live it to cook for 30 minutes 150
dgrees temperature.
Prepair the rice.
This is easy you just boill the rice as hard or soft
you like.After is ready add some butter. You can form
it by using a mug or cup in ball shape. Serve it on a
plate and add the sauce. Alternativelly you can spread
parmesane cheese over the rice before you add the
sauce. Kali Orexi